Cassidy Hubbarth is a rising star at ESPN. She hosts NBA Tonight on ESPN 2 and can also be seen on SportsCenter on ESPN.

Originally from Chicago, Cassidy Hubbarth earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. Before joining the ESPN family of networks she worked at the Big Ten Network and Fox Sports South.

Cassidy Hubbarth's unique beauty is due in part to her ethnicity which includes a blend of Filipino, German, and Irish. Ms. Hubbarth was born September 19, 1984 and is currently age 29. Cassidy resides in New York City but her basketball loyalties remain with the Chicago Bulls.

Cassidy Hubbarth ESPN

Heidi Watney continues to turn heads on the MLB Network. As the new baseball season gets into swing it is time to check in with this Major League Talent.

In high school California girl Heidi Watney excelled in gymnastics and cheerleading as well as academics. Ms. Watney was a National Merit Scholar and graduated with honors from The University of San Diego. Prior to joining the MLB Network Heidi was an on field reporter for the Boston Red Sox on NESN. In 2011 she left NESN to join Time Warner SportsNet in Los Angeles. A year later Heidi Watney joined the MLB Network. At age 32 Ms. Watney is one of the most popular personalities on the Major League Baseball Network.

Heidi Watney
Heidi Watney NESN

Tracy Wolfson of CBS Sports is at the height of her game during the 2014 NCAA Basketball Final Four. The lovely Ms. Wolfson can be seen providing in game insight live from the hardwood as well as interviews with coaches and players.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Tracy Wolfson has covered all major sports during her broadcasting career. Currently age 39, Ms. Wolfson she has been with CBS since 2004 where she is a staple of college football coverage for the network.

Tracy began her broadcasting career at WZBN in Trenton, New Jersey. She continues to call the Garden State home and resides in New Jersey with her husband and three children.
Tracy Wolfson CBS Sports